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Edinburgh Bed & Breakfast, Craigievar. Hotel-style rooms with en suite comfort.


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Family rooms in Edinburgh bed and breakfasts are rare because most B&Bs are people's houses with converted rooms, therefore lacking in essential space other than as double or twin rooms. 

Our B+B is different.  You will stay in a purpose-built accommodation wing, an extension to our own bungalow to the rear, designed to meet  your needs.  Our three rooms are large, two of which can take up to 5 people, one of which can take 7.  All three are en suite, far away from the road and therefore very quiet.  Each room can be either a family room, twin, triple or double - they are too big to be just single rooms although occasionally, if we are quiet, we will offer a single person a double room for a double room price minus five pounds, considering that we are saving on one breakfast.

The BIG advantage of staying here is the family room CAPACITY of our rooms, the sheer size and comfort that allows whole families to stay together without being split into different rooms. Pleasant lighting and pastel tones complete the picture. Each room has a television, en suite facilities include a power shower.  It has been said by many guests that our rooms are SUPERIOR to those found in 'fancy hotels'.  We tend to agree! There is a separate access for your wing so you don't have to come through the main house each time you come and go - a path leads from the access door up to our free car park at the front.

Big rooms also work for large groups, for example tourists visiting Edinburgh in large numbers or Rugby fans attending Internationals at nearby Murrayfield Rugby Stadium.  Also nearby is The Royal Highland centre which stages, amongst other exhibitions, The Royal Highland Show and Scottish Motorcycle Show.

We hope you will choose to stay with us and add your names to our growing Visitor Book

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